Economic Indicators: Russia


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The beginning:
Economic Indicators: Russia
Although it is a strong contender in the global market, Russia’s economic policies tend to be significantly more rigid than those of its international rivals. The macroeconomic environment is said to be efficiency-driven rather than economically-driven (Porter and Schwab, 2008, p. 183). This means that Russia’s policy framework has been optimized not for innovation for international trade, but for maintaining the status quo. Nonetheless, in the last couple of years this has been changing, according to economic research. Russia has taken its expertise in developing chemical products through its munitions research in the Cold War and applied this to the creation of consumer product components (CIA, 2009).
The end:
.....ia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the Russian Federation is thought to be moving towards less corruption over time.
In conclusion, Russia is in the midst of great change. At the same time, it has substantial assets and will likely continue to develop over the long term.References
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