Economic Development in Liberia


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Economic Development in Liberia
Question 1
Liberia is in the process of transitioning out of a difficult civil war but nonetheless has demonstrated an ability to develop strategic and lasting responses to its economic, social and demographic challenges. Liberia is exceptionally poor, in that its GNI per capita amounted to US$240 in 2006 (CIA, 2010) and 80% of Liberia’s population currently lives on less than US$1 a day. It has additional economic issues with a high inflation rate. At the same time, Liberia has shown extensive economic growth, of an expected 7.1 per cent (CIA, 2010). This means that the country has the capacity to utilize trade opportunities in order to respond to its citizens needs. Demographically, Liberia is affected by...
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.....ey need to develop that business into a sustainable venture on a social level, and so that they are not ostracized by their community, husbands, or families. This means that there needs to be a stronger business education system open to all, and a government which allows all people to participate in managing a change to a global business environment.
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