Eating Organic Food


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Eating Organic Food
Organic food is food that is grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticide while non-organic food is food that is grown with chemical fertilizers. (Winter and Davis 2006) show that consumer sales for organic food increased by 20% annually since 1990 and sales plummeted to 13.5 billion by 2005. According to the Organic Trade Association 2008, international sales reached 38.6 billion in 2006. Household purchases have increased from 57% in the six categories of organic foods to 59%. National Restaurant Association’s 2007 Restaurant Industry Forecast (as cited by the Organic Trade Association 2008) revealed that organic foods are ranked third by chefs on a list of the top 20 items for 2007. These statistics are clear...
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.....uce legislature that restricts the use of chemicals, pesticides and growth hormones in the food industry. This will enable most people to increase their intake of organic food without compromising their food budget.
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