Easyjet Case Study


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The following report provides and analysis of the easyJet case study. Discussion is organized in three major sections: 1) introduction to the organization, 2) the problem/issue that the case highlights, and 3) discussion questions. The current report ends with a statement of conclusions and recommendations. 
As a company, easyJet was founded in 1994 by Stelio Haji-Ioannou, the son of a Greek shipping tycoon. The easyJet strategy was designed to be a low-cost airline. By creating a lean operation, Stelio Haji-Ioannou intended on undercutting bigger less efficient airlines like British Airways. It is a relatively small airlines company with an annual goal of six million passengers. To support its low cost...
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.....r finding ways to save money in the following areas: labor, fuel, baggage and flight handling services, information technology support and services, airplanes and equipment purchasing and maintenance, and employee training. As a caveat, easyJet management needs to keep in mind that the cutting efforts in more than one area at a time can prove very difficult due to the complexity of executing this type of institutional change. It is recommended, therefore, that easyJet deal with one area at a time until costs have been reduced to sustainable levels. 
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