E-Commerce and Globalization at Walmart


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E-Commerce and Globalization at Walmart
In recent years, e-commerce has become more and more common in the world of business as many organizations, like Walmart Inc., are choosing to use it as a complementary part of operations. Accordingly, the following discussion provides responses to three related and important questions that concern: 1) how e-commerce is applied by Walmart Inc., 2) how e-commerce might provide competitive advantage for Walmart, and 3) whether I can relate what I have learned in this module to the function of e-commerce at Walmart, specifically with respect to IBM chairman Louis Gerstner’s comment that e-commerce is "all about cycle time, speed, globalization, enhanced productivity, reaching new customers, and sharing...
The end:
.....ess. Walmart, that is, can bring extraordinary cost savings for customers while also providing speedy and reliable delivery of quality products all over the world.
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