Dual Roles of Free Market Systems and Development of Economic Advancement


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Dual Roles of Free Market Systems and Development of Economic Advancement
This study will analyze the various international aspects of free mart systems as an economic “effort” that influences privatized economies versus that of the governmental influence over the economy as a causal factor. By understanding the affectations of political ideologies in China and in other countries, economic development is often linked with economic policies that encourage specific sector growth in the military. However, in other nations around the world, the influence of free market styled systems defines how an effort towards economic advancement plays a larger role than through government interference or regulation of these markets. In essence, the free...
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.....dustry, reveals the greater freedom of private companies to grow according to varying levels of global competition. However,, these two seemingly diverse economies and political systems offer a similar global unity on the development of economics througho8ut the world. By seeing mergers in free market systems in China’s global economic policies, it is evident that the blurring lines between democracy and communism are ideological in this economic advancement policy in the current global system.
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