Dramatic Trends in Early 20th Century Canada


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Dramatic Trends in Early 20th Century Canada
Canada was going through a rapid period of change during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth was going through a period of rapid change. The five of the most important trends were the settlement of western Canada, immigration issues, industrialization, and changes in gender relations and family dynamics.
One of the most important trends in Canada in the early 20th century was the settlement of the Canadian west. In “The Far-From-Dry Debates” Peter A. Russell explains how it was believed that when the Canadian Pacific Railway was finished there would be a rush for land in the Canadian west. This did not occur.
The suggestion that is made is that the settlement of the Canadian west was slowed...
The end:
.....sed immigration and immigration issues, changing gender roles and slow changes in family dynamics. This would seem to indicate that changes in technology and economics in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries resulted in the a range of radical changes in Canadian society.
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