Dr. Norman Finklestein’s Speech on Israel, Palestine and the Muslim World


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The beginning:
Dr. Norman Finklestein's Speech on Israel, Palestine and the Muslim World
As everyone knows, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East are currently experiencing uprisings and revolts by the people not seen in many decades. In a timely address to an audience of students at York University in Toronto on February 16, 2011, Dr. Norman Finklestein talks about Israel, Palestine and the Muslim World.
Overview: and Main Issues
In his address, Dr. Norman Finklestein looks at the broader picture and conditions in the Middle East as being, largely, an outgrowth of U.S. policy and support for Israel and American style of democracy. American style democracy, according to Finklestein, is resulting in more torture, human rights violations, and...
The end:
.....s of a non-violent movement. Dr. Finklestein impresses the audience with the point that this is no simple undertaking. It involves risks and complexity in organization and execution (Dr. Norman Finkelstein York University 16th February 2011). Other questions concerned a range of issues related to the Middle East and peaceful solutions to longstanding conflicts. Dr. Finklestein provided direct and fulsome responses to all questions. Overall, he projects hope of peaceful solutions provided that a shift takes place in U.S. foreign policy and Israel’s willingness to honor peace agreements.
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