Dr. Larry Brilliant and the Google.org Charity


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The beginning:
Dr. Larry Brilliant and the Google.org Charity
Statement of the Problem
Pledging one percent of its total equity and profits, in 2006 Google, the search engine leviathan, formed Google.org as the for-profit, charitable branch of Google, Inc. This innovative approach left Google.org with fewer constraints in achieving its goals than a non-profit business form would have. Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, announced that the “iconoclastic,” “global health warrior,” Dr. Larry Brilliant would be the founding Executive Director of Google.org. Brilliant became the face, voice and visionary symbol of the organization, he so intertwined with the entity that the two had become nearly synonymous. Relying on its for-profit status for...
The end:
.....le.org projects that were instituted during his tenure. Google.org, however, cannot languish in the past and not move forward with new and different projects.
Replacing Brilliant with a visionary leadership team, leveraging the unique business structure and moving on without a personality-driven leadership structure makes much sense at this juncture for Google.com. It allows the organization to take advantage of what Brilliant did with his tenure and preserves his legacy without blemishing, overshadowing or trying to replace it. Perhaps most importantly, replacing an iconoclastic individual with a team, will focus more attention on the organization itself, which in the case of Google.org, is its greatest strength.
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