Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer, Inc.


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The beginning:
Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer, Inc.
Key Facts, Critical Issues and Events of the Case
At the time of the conflict between Dubinsky and others at Apple, the company was still relatively young having only been founded in 1976. The Macintosh computer was just introduced in 1984 and Apple II sales were flattening out. CEO Steve Jobs hired John
in 1983 and he led a major reorganization focused on cost savings. The result was a leaner organization including a more streamlined distribution process under the management of Dubinsky.
By 1985, Apple II and Macintosh sales were declining and Jobs began considering strategies for cost containment. The distribution plan submitted by Dubinsky included cost savings and was supported by her...
The end:
.....pertise, leadership, and value by taking the opportunity to achieve the outcomes of the CEO through the support of my supervisors while staying true to the mission and values of Apple, and my own ethics and values. By submitting my resignation I demonstrate that I am not a team player, think I am smarter, and that I base my decisions on emotion. After all, I can always submit my resignation on Tuesday.
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