Does Legalized Abortion Increase Promiscuity in Teens and Young Adults?


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The beginning:
Does legalized abortion increase promiscuity in teens and young adults?
Background: importance of this study and what the literature says. This study is important because, if legalized abortion causes young people to be more sexually active, then it also raises the spectre that they will be more susceptible to sexually-transmitted diseases. At the same time, if legalized abortion has no impact upon sexual activity in young people, then this constitutes one less objection to abortion. 
In any case, the literature suggests that adolescent women change their sexual behaviour when the cost of irresponsible behaviour increases (Altman-Palm & Tremblay, 1998). Other research suggests that having an abortion actually leads young...
The end:
.....udies look more closely at the differences – if any – between various racial groups; this paper did not touch upon the matter and no stratified sampling was done. 
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