Does Altruism Exist?


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The beginning:
Does Altruism Exist?
The ensuing paper looks at whether or not altruism exists – and explores two sides of the issue. On the one side, there are those who believe that it does not exist; on the other are those who believe that it does exist. This paper will look at the issue by first looking at Batson et al (2006), for they do appear to offer an assessment that holds altruism up as something that does exist because people are capable of feeling empathy; Cialdini et al (2006) are of the view that people do good because they want to feel good about themselves. In essence, they do good for egoistic reasons and not for altruistic reasons. In the view of t is writer, the argument in favour of egoism rather than altruism is relatively more...
The end: without anyone assisting them, it may be said that people do not like to get involved if they perceive risks to their own being. Using this rationale, this writer believes that Cialdini et al (2006) are more accurate and more aware of human nature.
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