Document Analysis: Introduction and Chapter One of “The Promised Land”


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Document Analysis: Introduction and Chapter One of “The Promised Land”
The following paper analyzes Mary Antin’s text, “The Promised Land.” Particularly, the paper looks at what type of source the book is and what qualities appear to characterize sources of this genre. The paper will also look at who wrote the text, when it was written, and why it was written; time will be devoted to discussing whether or not it is believable, too. Additionally, the paper considers the message that is conveyed about life in the Pale of Settlement and how the source substantiates the textbook account; in particular, the paper briefly looks at things are similar and how they are different in the two accounts. All in all, the source appears authentic and...
The end:
..... textbook account by Efron insofar as it shows the hard-scrabble existence that made daily life a grind for many Jews (and even Gentiles) living under the shadow of Tsarist Russia.
To end, this paper suggests that Antin’s text is very authentic and deeply personal; it is a classic autobiography of the difficult life braved by many early immigrants who fled to the greener pasture offered by America. Because it is so heart-felt, it stands out as a believable and endearing text that captures how a young girl deals with dislocation, upheaval and the pain of being an outsider.
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