Do We Need to Go Broke to Stay Healthy?


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The beginning:
Do We Need to Go Broke to Stay Healthy?
We are the richest country on earth. So, why are tens of thousands of people every single day having to make that awful choice between getting decent food to eat or paying for their medications? The answer is that the pharmaceutical industry and all its well-paid lobbyists are flocking to Washington D. C. to make sure that the prices they charge for their patented products remain high and that their bottom lines show the sort of profit that attracts brokers and stockholders. Is it greed or simply good and fair business practices? We need to look at both sides of the question whether our government- which is basically us- should lift the patent laws and thus lower the cost of prescriptions.
Let’s face...
The end:
.....c result comes with a sticker price of $100,000” (Frezza 14).
The patent laws now permit the rich to get richer while the rest of us suffer because of these patent restrictions. Iot is unfair to the majority of Americans and something needs to be done as soon as polssible to remove these patent restrictions and bring medicine prices down to affordable levels.
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