Do Men and Women Exhibit Differences in Management Styles?


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Do Men and Women Exhibit Differences in Management Styles?
The question as to whether or not women manage differently than men has been a topic of interest for at least the past thirty to forty years, as business industries have seen a steady influx of women during this time period, especially in top-tier, executive, and management positions. Historically, the world of business, as with most occupations requiring acute mental agility, was closed almost entirely to women, who were seen as too “feminine” (i.e., emotional, nurturing, shy, and docile) to take on the challenges and demands of management in the field (Powell 69). Women who chose to become professional managers had to work within the “masculine” structure of the...
The end: for management no matter what gender they are associated with in order to create the strongest, most productive, efficient, and equitable workplace situation possible at the current time.
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