Do Ethnicity and Media Pressure Influence Eating Disorders in Homosexual Men?


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Do Ethnicity and Media Pressure Influence Eating Disorders in Homosexual Men?
The articles reviewed in the previous section provide evidence for the influence of ethnicity and media on the development of eating disorders in a wide range of populations, including adolescents, women, and most importantly to our current study, homosexual men. The results of these studies show that the wide-range of mass media can deeply impact individuals’ perceptions of their body size and shape, their goals for thinness, and their modes of dealing with such body dissatisfaction through dieting programs that are advertised in each of these media sources as well as explicit disordered eating practices, such as bingeing and purging, excessive exercise,...
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.....d specifically at the homosexual male population and advertise and offer them in various locations such as high-school and college lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) resource centers, LGBT community centers in urban and rural areas, medical and psychological offices, and via the internet so that as many individuals who want or need to participate as possible will have access to these programs. Corresponding treatment programs, for people who have already developed eating disorder symptoms, also needed to be created that are accessible to a wide variety of populations and locations (urban, rural, multi-ethnic, multi-age, etc.), are low-cost and/or free, and that are conducted by those counselors trained in the above requirements.