Divorce Summary: Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs


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The beginning:
Divorce Summary: Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs
The following discussion provides a reflection concerning the ways that the teachings of this course have impacted my knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about divorce.
Key Learnings
While subsequent discussion elaborates in greater detail about the key learnings in this course, to me a key insight and conclusion that I have drawn from this course is that divorce laws and the divorce system are a work in progress. Part of the problem inherent to family law is that it is adversarial in nature. It pits spouse against spouse in ways that are ultimately destructive and harmful to mental health, financial welfare, and even children involved in the divorce. But changes in divorce laws have helped in...
The end:
.....st interest of children still fails to properly address the biggest problem with the divorce system – resolving custody disputes in a way that are truly in the best interest of the children. In short, family law has evolved and changed over the years, but in my opinion it remains a work in progress with much change still needed.
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