Diversity: Whether or Not it Affects or Degrades American Culture


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Diversity: Whether or Not it Affects or Degrades American Culture
There is no question that can be discussed or debated about whether or not diversity positively affects or degrades American culture. In order to pose any such question, makes this assumption that culture exists from within a vacuum and is not connected to the history and origins of the people for which the culture operates. This is the exact point that needs to be emphasized because American culture is and has always been a culture of diversity (Powell). To speak of all of the Americas, is to congeal cultures of which has little to nothing in common with each other. The Great Plain Native Americans of North America would have a difficult time being compared to the Spanish...
The end:
.....the way as America constantly evolves and learns, there is no pretense that can be established to negate the value of peace and tolerance, for from any land, creed, religion or culture, is a home of tolerance, truth and justice not sought; it is from this commonality that America’s diversity has resulted in the growth of humanity as a being.
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