Disease and Global Health in Don Delillo’s “White Noise”


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The beginning:
Disease and Global Health in Don Delillo’s "White Noise"
The following paper will look at a passage from Don
book, White Noise. The essay will begin by noting how the passage works on its own via exploring the literary elements and techniques employed; specifically, how does this excerpt develop things such as plot, character, conflict, setting and symbolism? The paper will then turn to look at how the passage is important to the novel as a whole and how the author uses the passage and its literary elements to reveal important conflicts or themes. In the end, the book captures how humanity is guided by a primal fear of death that makes it easy for us to embrace technology that may, in the end, create its own type of dystopia.
The end:
.....cannot escape; technology promises an escape for Jack, but he is also concerned about how it can be used to do terrible things that may only hasten our destruction as a species. In many ways, the book is a classic example of an author putting forward an argument and then declining to offer us an easy solution or resolution of the crisis;
wants to leave it up to us, it seems, to decide if we should try to fight death or accept that death is approaching and that we must all reconcile ourselves to this reality. When we think about things carefully, what the book does, and what the passage does, is to impress upon us the simple reality that the world is all about making the most of the limited time we are given. We have no other choice.