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The beginning:
The following report presents responses to three discussion questions related to the subject of learning theory, curriculum change process, and theories to assist in promoting group decision-making.  
Discussion Question 1
Based Bloom’s Taxonomy, different types of activities/outcomes are likely to stimulate learners to be critical thinkers, capable of analyzing and applying principles to practice. To begin, Bloom’s system suggests that application involves the ability to use principles in ways that transcend the original learning context while, at the same time, become integrated into a person’s cognitive schema. If, for instance, a student has learned about the principle of self-determination in a psychology class,...
The end:
.....h, among other thing, creates harmony. There are no winners or losers.
In sum, understanding applications of Bloom’s taxonomy, appropriate types of activities in change processes for individuals and collaborative pairs or groups, and knowing how different theories can assist in group decision making are all critical for a successful career as a leader in education. 
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