Discussing Kinsey’s Research: Adult Male and Female Sexuality


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The beginning:
Discussing Kinsey’s Research: Adult Male and Female Sexuality
The following paper looks at Kinsey’s research on adult male and female sexuality and discusses its main features. The paper specifically looks at his research approach; extensive methodology and interviewing process; the methodological challenges he faced; and how such challenges affected the validity and the reliability of his findings. The possible sampling errors and the sampling techniques (as well as the population sample) will be looked at, too. Last of all, the ethical problems he faced and his ethical approach will be detailed. When we look at things, we find that Kinsey engaged in some sleight of hand and some dubious practices that would probably not pass muster...
The end:
.....domization (vis-à-vis sampling) and he did pursue a method that may well have involved the exploitation of the innocent.
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