Discrimination against Minorities in the Canadian Context: A Proposal


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The beginning:
Discrimination against Minorities in the Canadian Context: A Proposal
Research topic
This proposal focuses on discrimination in the workplace and what initiatives have been formulated in the Canadian context to tackle them. The reason why this topic is so important is because Canada is a rapidly changing society with an aging white population and native-born population; it needs immigrants and those immigrants need to be given an opportunity to achieve things professionally. With the above in mind, the paper that follows from this proposal will look at how Canada can tackle discrimination in the workplace that keeps new immigrants from finding work in their fields of endeavour. Initiatives to remedy discrimination are important because...
The end:
.....source above is that immigrants are attracted to larger Canadian centers and feel far less comfortable in smaller communities. The paper suggests that governments need to do a better job of marketing smaller communities to immigrants and needs to recognize that immigrants gravitate towards centers that appear cosmopolitan and diverse; thus, if diversity is an issue, the least that can be done is to make a community receptive to new arrivals.
The source is positive for my work because it can be used to highlight what governments can do in the future – and whether increased language training might encourage more immigrants to find work in smaller communities where there is a desperate need for skilled labour or for various professional types.