Disability Management


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The beginning:
Disability Management
For over the period of one hundred years, City of Ontario has been instrumental in proving support to people having developmental disabilities. Since 1987, the approach has been focused on providing developmental services to those who are with some sort of disability. The government of Ontario therefore has strived hard to evolve a more community based developmental programs rather than institutional programs to support the people with developmental disabilities. This has helped the city of Ontario to ensure greater inclusion as well as more independence to many of those who are in need of such services.
This focus has therefore also leads to the improvement in the life of more than 6000 people since 1987...
The end:
..... effort to support the persons who require maximum support is something, which is really worthy. Above all, this effort shall be seen from the perspective of building a better future for those may otherwise not be able to become more constructive members of the society.
Above all, the transformation process is an excellent step towards achieving social cohesion as well as harmony.
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