Disabilities Report: A review of Pat Capponi’s “Last Stop, Sunnyside”


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The beginning:
Disabilities Report: A review of Pat Capponi’s "Last Stop, Sunnyside"
The following paper is a review of Pat Capponi’s, Last Stop, Sunnyside. The paper explores the storyline, characters, and writing of the text and also looks at the ways in which the text amplifies one’s knowledge about the plight of the downtrodden and marginalized in Canadian (specifically, Torontonian) society. Additionally, the ensuing review briefly examines the politics of the book and the extent to which one’s own politic have shifted after reading the work – with focus on how the book accomplished this feat (to the extent it was accomplished at all). The essay will note that the storyline gives us the grim news of Maryanne and Janice’s death early on – thus giving...
The end:
.....ust say that the ability of Capponi to show these people in their many guises and in their various moments of happiness or anguish gives them a humanity that is not always available in renderings of the poor and downtrodden.
In the end, this is a detective, suspense novel that is written with understanding and insight; Capponi appears to be a left of center person herself, but she never lets politics get in the way of her story: the people in the story are the stars, not her medley of political or ideological infatuations. Summing up this book, I have to describe it as one of the best I have ever seen on Canadian homelessness, and one of the most touching, too.
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