Direct versus Indirect Representation of Legislative Bicameral Governance


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Direct versus Indirect Representation of Legislative Bicameral Governance
The Populist German Senate (Bundesrat) as Direct Provincial Governance in Contrast to Indirect Representation of the Conservative French Upper Senate
This governmental study will examine the contrasting powers and representational actions that occur between the populist German Bundesrat and the conservative elitists French Upper Senate. The direct representation of the Bundesrat allows for elections representing the people ands with the ability to control legislation for provincial competences and law. In contrast to this, the regional powers of the French Upper Senate define the indirect appointments and elections of members through mayors, councilors...
The end:
..... of laws must pass Bundesrat before they reach the Bundestag.
1.Broad powers are given to members in dictating direct overviews of provincial law.
2.In possession of the powerful veto rule in matters of provincial legislation.
B.The French Senate wields greater regional power that Bundesrat.
1.A conservative and elitist arm of government that has equal powers to the National Assembly.
2.An indirectly elected body of government that wields an equal proportion of power as a minority of conservatives deny access to the majority Socialist party members in Senatorial elections.
3.The French Senate therefore has half of its bicameral body wielding 50% of its power through indirectly elected officials in legislative regional matters.