Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceutical Companies


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Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceutical Companies
Patients, on an ongoing quest to ensure that they obtain the right information in regards to the drug treatment and test diagnosis have created an opportunity for the pharmaceutical companies to provide educational materials and information to consumers via magazines, newspapers and television. This has enhanced the ability of the physician to properly diagnose the patient and make recommendations for the right treatment prior to absence of discussion of such drug for many patients who had unknown conditions.
This essay will assess the direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceutical companies and discuss the support for consumers to receive more information to improve their health...
The end:
.....formed decisions for drug treatment and have a greater sense of autonomy in planning for their healthcare. The relationship between the doctor and patient is also strengthened as the patient shows concern and interest in drug treatments when educated by the pharmaceutical advertisement. There is no danger for a patient to be exposed to drug advertisement but rather an awareness of the dangers that he or she could face in the absence of such education.
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