Dimensions that Impact the Perspective of the Body


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Dimensions that Impact the Perspective of the Body
Multiple factors influence the manner in which the individual perceives his or her body. From physical to psychological dimensions, these factors are often not distinctly singular, but connected to each other in puzzling composition. An analysis of the research in the many dimensions that impact the perspective of the body yields distinct results which define, but additionally increase the explorative possibilities.
Of the many factors, Eating Habits are clearly and directly perceived as connected with the external appearance of the individual (
, 1997). The different perspectives of the way in which different cultures connect to the exhibition of self control through...
The end:
.....levision, print, etc. create distinct challenges in the isolation of direct correlation to specific media. The media assumes a composite label that often is the repository for negative assignations, and as such, the true measure of the specific impact of specific forms of different media may be difficult to obtain. Nevertheless, it does appear that for females, fashion magazines appear to have a very strong correlation to body image discontinuities (Harper and
, 2007; Aubrey, 2006;
, 2006). Additionally, it appears as though advertisements, particularly television advertisements of grooming products are a contributing factor to discordant perspectives of the so-called perfect body (Harper and
, 2007).