Differences and Similarities between Various Health Care Delivery…


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Differences and Similarities between Various Health Care Delivery Systems
What is Health Care Delivery System?
For our benefits here we will define Health Care Delivery system as a method, or process through which medical care is provided to the citizens of a country. This concept is very broad in nature, consequently medical institutions through which health care is provided could also be considered as part and parcel of health care delivery system. With this in mind, the traditional hospital care is one of the health care delivery systems through which various other health care delivery systems channel health care services to people who need them. In this regard the position of the hospitals and other health care centers are very unique...
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.....interesting to see what direction federal funding of programs such as the Medicare and Medicaid would take in line with the new Health Care initiatives introduced by the Obama administration and recently passed with the help of democratic law makers.
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