Difference between Jail and Prison


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Difference between Jail and Prison
This paper shall explore the differences between jails and prisons. The basic distinction between the two types of facilities is explained. The sizes of the facilities are compared. The types of offenses committed by those incarcerated in the jails or prisons are contrasted and used as one of the defining factors. The jurisdiction of the facilities is the final differentiating factor that is explored.
The Difference between Jail and Prison
The popular board game Monopoly has the infamous “Go to Jail” card as well as the “Get out of Jail Free” card, and in the popular lexicon the word “Jail” is often used with reference to prison, but there are distinct...
The end:
.....e experience for the inmate being locked into the individual cell may be the same, though the length of stay is often significantly different. The view from inside the barred facility is just as bleak for those looking out through the bars whether it is called a jail or prison.
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