Did American Defence Spending Defeat the Soviet Union?


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The beginning:
The Soviet Union lost the cold war, but did American Defence Spending defeat it?
The following paper looks at the question of the soviet union and its stunning collapse at the dawn of the 1990s. The question that arises is a simple one: did the United States push the Soviet Union over the cliff through its intensive military spending – which forced the Soviets to spend money they did not have to keep up – or were internal factors already at work, both economically and otherwise, that made it inevitable that the Soviet Union would collapse someday? The view of this writer is that what really happened is that the Soviet Union had profound economic problems to begin with – a stagnant economy for decades and little prospect for any sort of...
The end:
.....he hastening of the collapse, did not defeat it as much as internal strife and a morbidly bad economy defeated it. The country was growing more and more impoverished and there was no end in sight because of profound structural problems rooted in gross inefficiency and an astounding lack of productivity. With things being as they were, the Soviet Union was really on borrowed time by 1989 and would have fallen even without the helping hand of the United States.
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