Diagnosis and Prescription


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Diagnosis and Prescription
Institutionalization of the mentally ill involves placing mentally retarded people in a prison or mental hospital where they become dependent on the institution while deinstitutionalization refers to the process of slowly removing patients with mental or developmental disorder from mental hospitals and placing them in community health service.
This paper will assess and discuss the solutions to institutionalization and deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill from the perspective of libertarian and utilitarianism. These two schools of thoughts have different views on deinstitutionalization.
According to Maslow 1943 (as cited by Krieg, R 2001) mentally ill individuals through self-determination have a right to...
The end:
.....sts that those who need to be institutionalized because of the cost to society must be addressed. However it is weak in that it is difficult to determine the preference of society versus that of the individuals.
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