Developing Effective Delivery


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Developing Effective Delivery
Developing effective delivery in a speech or presentation requires careful preparation, but also adaptability in one’s communication style. The development of the visual presentation itself is also something which should be approached with caution. Tufte (2009) suggests that the best practices in developing a visual presentation are not linked to the slides themselves, which is what most people assume is the most important then. As he writes, “Presentations largely stand or fall on the quality, relevance, and integrity of the content. If your numbers are boring, then you've got the wrong numbers. If your words or images are not on point, making them dance in colour won't make them relevant. Audience boredom is...
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...... Being very prepared for what might happen in a presentation situation will allow the presenter, as noted by Merritt (2011), to avoid fidgeting and nervous behaviours which can distract from the message that is being communicated. This will make the presentation more effective and engage the audience in a more substantial way so that they will remember the speech.
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