Developing Clinical Research Questions Using the PICO Format


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Developing Clinical Research Questions Using the PICO Format
Elderly patients in nursing homes can experience a change in activity level from being able to walk around and perform their own activities of daily living to being immobilized in a bed in a long-term care facility secondary to a stroke or a sudden illness. The patients often have to adjust to the change in status psychologically. Often, the immobility in this population results in health complications including heel pressure ulcers. The current strategies for treating heel pressure ulcers include nutritional therapy to prevent muscle wasting and tissue loss, skin cleansing and the use of pressure redistribution devices such as wedge pillows and mattresses (Ousey, 2010). Cost...
The end:
.....ines on heel pressure ulcers yielded no results
Synopsis of synthesis search of evidence based abstract journals yielded no results
Synthesis search for meta-analysis – no results
Synopsis of single studies search using CINAHL using the search terms ‘heel pressure ulcer’ and ‘prevention’ yielded 7 studies and study with a quantitative design answered the research question.
Qualitative research question: how do the patients in the nursing homes deal with the loss of independence?
Synopsis of single studies search yielded no results
Single study search using search terms ‘nursing home independence’ on CINAHL yielded 112.
An additional search term ‘transition’ was added resulting in 7 studies and a study with a qualitative design was selected.