Developing and Marketing Men’s Winter Coats


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The beginning:
Developing and Marketing Men's Winter Coats
for 25 to 35 Year Olds
The style of winter coat I have designed and will market is an English style that takes the ivy elements of high society England and transforms the American man in a gentleman who is cool. The coat designs are a bit country and a bit of London all at the same time. All the fabrics are comparable to English clothing fabrics. The cut of the fabric though is English with a little taste of the States mixed in for comfort. As an appendix I have attached photos of the designs so you can judge for yourself (“New Haven by Way of London”, 2010).
For this assignment three creativity techniques must be selected and used in coming up with a way of marketing the coats to men 25 to 35...
The end:
.....ed and why this area is receiving my ads as more favorable. I will replace ads that aren’t working with new ads. After these first few weeks I will be better prepared/trained on how to manage the marketing of winter coats to a direct audience such as men 25 to 35 years of age.
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