Depression and Suicide


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The beginning:
Depression and Suicide
The Background of Depression
What is depression? Because depression is subjective, it feels differently to different people. For some people, depression is a mild but lingering feeling of the blues. For others, depression is a debilitating and global feeling that shuts down all pleasure, makes life miserable, and leads to suicide. This paper will offer an overview of depression, with a special focus on its psychological and public health ramifications. The conclusion is that there are more pathways to depression today than in the past; public policy can help stem some of the causes of depression, while caregivers and communities can collaborate to provide relief for people who are already suffering from depression....
The end:
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Appendix One
Feeling sad, empty, nervous for a long time
Feeling hopeless, helpless, pessimistic
Problems sleeping, waking
Loss of interest in hobbies, previously enjoyed activities
Feeling worthless, guilty, overwhelmed
Feeling tired, lazy, no energy or zest
Problems concentrating, thinking clearly, remembering
Can’t make decisions, ambivalence
Weight loss or weight gain
Agitation, physical restlessness
Loss of interest or enjoyment in sex
Persistent thoughts of death or suicide
Physical symptoms (headaches, stomach distress, chest pains)