Democracy as the Best Form of Government


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The beginning:
Democracy is the best form of government because it builds inclusiveness and builds bridges
Winston Churchill once remarked that democracy was the worst form of government – except for all the other ones that had been tried. The ensuing several pages will argue that Churchill was right: democracy is the best form of government – and the reason why it is the best form of government, though Churchill does not say this himself, is because democracy makes it possible for voices to be heard and for alternative perspective to be entertained. Put simply, because democracy does allow for electoral innovation (in the sense that modifications are made with the interests of the public at least partly in mind and not merely the interests of the...
The end:
.....res the survival of public debate, and offers a combination of freedom and flexibility; without democracy, a society may achieve prosperity, but its fragile bonds will become frayed and the people will become either antagonistic and embittered – or beaten into submission.
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