Definitions of Family within the Nursing Practice


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Definitions of Family within the Nursing Practice
Understanding the role of the family within the nursing field is critical in delivering effective and holistic treatment. An abundance of research (e.g., Ford-Gilboe, 2000; Sanfillippo & Forker, 2003; Schlesinger, 1998) has explored the role and nature of families in applied nursing practice. Common to such research is the importance of family members in providing social support and a sense of stability to patients who are experiencing drastic health-related changes in their lives. Another common theme within family research in nursing is the idea that contemporary families do not include the same individuals or connotations of those of the past. This paper reflects...
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.....n the paradigm of holistic healing..., creates a safe place for the older, isolated client to continue to grow -- healing mentally, physically, and sprititually," (21).
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