Definition of Family


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Definition of Family
The most important points about the family are that it has a purpose and is changing. The family will have a positive impact on the child provided that the processes within it are healthy and factors and forces outside it are beneficial (Lutz & Anderson, 2009). Images can portray the main characteristics of a family and what its focus happens to be. Inage also can hide the realities of family life. I will use three images of the family to define and explore the purpose of the family. The family is the most important influence of all for deciding life chances and outcomes for the child.
The family can be defined in terms of its purpose which is to prepare children to take their place in the...
The end:
.....amily is the child and the family creates the basic and most important influence on the child’s growth and development. The influence can be either positive or negative. The reason that the impact of the family is so significant is that it determines the child’s identity and self-concept which endure for life.
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