Decriminalizing Marijuana is Appropriate


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Decriminalizing Marijuana is Appropriate
This paper shall make the argument that decriminalizing marijuana is the only reasonable position to take in a society that freely allows the use of other recreational drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine. Ultimately, there is no evidence that marijuana use is more dangerous than these other drugs, nor that strict enforcement policies have any effect on usage rates. Consequently, a move towards decriminalization is appropriate.
Decriminalizing Marijuana
There is growing interest in the decriminalization of marijuana in the United States and Canada, with increased pressure from advocates for medical marijuana. While the use of medical marijuana is definitely more popular and...
The end:
..... of in these terms, it is difficult to justify why the “dangers” of alcohol and tobacco use can be permitted while marijuana must be strictly prohibited. In the end, we find that criminalization is not effective at reducing use, is ridiculously costly to society, and that decriminalization will be unlikely to affect future use or public health. In all, we must conclude not that marijuana must be legalized, but that there is not real reason to maintain its criminal status.
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