Decisions, Ethics and the Bottom Line at G- BioSport


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Decisions, Ethics, and the Bottom Line at G-BioSport
G-BioSport is founded on corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is the obligation of a company to be accountable to stakeholders in regards to operation of the company and the activities inside and outside of the company. Companies like G-
consider the full impact they have on communities and the environment. The decisions made by G-
are balanced between the desire to make a profit and responsibility to the stakeholders and community environment (Atkins, 2006).
CSR in regards to G-
is responsible for the creation of the company from its infancy. All actions of G-
both locally and globally are based on ethical decision making. These ethical...
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.....pany. This is not considered whistle blowing it is considered acting out of integrity, dignity and encouraging others to behave the same way (Atkins, 2006).
The president is the leader that others look to for acceptance, tolerance and acknowledgement. The betterment of the employees lives at the company hinges on the organizations commitment to be a community (Atkins, 2006).
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