Decision Making: Rational or Irrational


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The beginning:
Decision Making: Rational or Irrational
Part 1:
Is decision making rational or irrational. When is decision making good enough and when is it the right solution? What are the consequences of bad decisions? Finding the proper tools to base a decision on is a challenge. The tools needed to make a decision depend on the decision to be made. There are different types of decision concepts (Sirola, 2003).
Problem solving and decision making are not synonymous, but they are important skills to develop. Problem solving involves making decisions. There is a process and technique to making quality decisions. Some people are better suited to make decision than others. This is a personality difference between people. People who are less able to make a...
The end: “Oh, that feels good!” are made. When we really listen to what people are saying we will know if the decisions they make are rational or irrational (“How Do People Make Decisions?”, 2005).
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