David W. Magill’s Speech to School Faculty


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The beginning:
David W. Magill's Speech to School Faculty
David W. Magill is the Director of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, and he delivered a speech to the faculty and staff of that organization September 1, 2009. The subject of the speech was the nature of education and its particular application to this program, suggesting ways in which the faculty and staff could better serve the students and see to it that the students derived the greatest benefit from the program.
The occasion for the speech is the beginning of the school year, and Magill (2009) seeks to characterize the program and what it will be like for some 170 school days to come. Certainly, in this case Mr. Magill knows his audience well, not just as a group, but also...
The end:
.....r students in the program were the daughters of President
, and this connection has brought more attention to the program this year and has caused the philosophy of the school to be more closely examined (Council for American Private Education, 2009,
. 90).
How effective this speech truly is can only b e measured after the school year is over and the teaching has been assessed. On its face, though, the speech seems to serve the needs of the program well and to be such as to motivate the
to do its best.
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