Dante’s New Circle of Hell


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Dante’s New Circle of Hell
In between the third and fourth circle of Dante’s circles of hell is the sea of procrastination. Lucifer guards the procrastinators because the fallen angel knows that those who procrastinate fail to do the things that need to be done, whether it is for family, friends, government, or the earth. Lucifer makes sure that each sinner lives in isolation from others. In the sea of procrastination, the sinners live in an ocean of visual arts, visions of books, and large and small videos that help them to see the things they could have accomplished to have it pulled from them with a slap in the face as the visual screen disappears. The nature of the punishment is having the sinners to see what they could have done, but...
The end:
.....hey lived up to their full potential. Procrastination is in many ways worse than being lustful or gluttonous, because these sins only affect those involved. Procrastination is a sin that affects others and could even make a difference in the lives of everyone. Those who procrastinate deserve to live in isolation because they have failed themselves and others. Living in the sea of procrastination means that the sinner is constantly reminded of how he or she procrastinated. While Hamlet is an example of a literature character who procrastinated, the fact is that many procrastinators have lived in the past and there will continue to be many procrastinators in the future. Only imagine what life could be like if everyone stopped procrastinating.