Definition of Terrorism


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Definition of Terrorism
1) Domestic terrorism is defined as terrorism directed against one’s own country, government, and/or population in order to attain political, religious, or ideological goals. Through this form of terrorism, domestic terrorist groups or individuals use intimidation, coercion, and fear in order to achieve these goals. Domestic terrorism is functionally different from international terrorism because it is perpetrated by the citizens of a particular country within that country’s borders. In contrast, international terrorism is characterized by attacks on a targeted country by non-citizens who have grievances against that country and/or its government.
In distinguishing between domestic terrorism from above vs....
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..... for these groups are striving to protect the environment and prevent the abusive treatment of animals. They are not terrorist groups, but many groups trying to generate political or social change have developed into terrorist groups because they determined that they would never be able to achieve their goals through the use of standard forms of political or social activism. Consequently, they have resorted to terrorism and consider it justified because they consider the lesser evil of terrorism to be necessary in order to achieve the greater good of a moral and just society.
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