Cyber Crime: Which is Bigger Threat to the Nation?


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Cyber Crime: Which is Bigger Threat to the Nation?
With the advent of computer technology and proliferation of the Internet, cyber crime poses a real threat to the nation. Cyber crime essentially comes in two flavors – those crimes directed against individuals and those crimes directed at national institutions. But which type of cyber crime poses the greatest threat to the nation? The following discussion addresses this question while also working towards an understanding of whether the United States is active enough in countering these threats.
America remains the world’s most technologically developed nation. And America’s Internet presence is no exception with the United States having the greatest number of computer systems on the...
The end:
.....tly apparent that the government has not done enough to counter cyber crime and related threats. And it also becomes obvious that because of the government’s failures, cyber crimes against individuals are potentially just as a great a threat for the nation as crimes against national institutions.
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