Customer Relations Management at AT&T


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Customer Relations Management at AT&T
CRM, or Customer Relations Management, is about the old adage “know your customer”, transformed for the digital age. It is a key component for any large-scale (i.e. 1,000+ customer) firm. AT&T is an excellent example of a company that needs CRM: a high volume, highly competitive marketplace with disparate customer values, from business to personal.
CRM business software is designed to help enterprise organizations achieve a 360-degree view of their customers across marketing, sales, and service. AT&T has made significant enhancements to the architecture of CRM 4.0 to improve network performance. CRM provides powerful software that helps organizations drive down costs, improve operations,...
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.....mail solicitations without even opening them. Therefore, companies must develop not just customer data, but customer insight. It's not enough just to have good customers. Nowadays they must cultivate evangelists, customers who will tout to their friends, and the larger blogosphere, the quality of the company and its products.
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