Current Immigration Policy’s Significant Impact on the War on Terror


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Current Immigration Policy's Significant Impact on the War on Terror
Current immigration policy is effective in the war on terror. Our current immigration policies have effectively limited international terrorists from illegally situating themselves to live or be in this country and cause terrorism among our citizens. (Thesis Statement) Some policies include the ability of the Border Patrol to conduct unfettered searches at our borders under the United States Constitution, expedited removal of individuals caught for terrorist crimes or terrorists (Garcia 2007), our borders being extended to include airports (Yule 2009), and the recent employer e-verify laws to ensure people are eligible to work in the United States. Although some may...
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.....ation policy to arrive to his own conclusions.
Yule, Kim. (2009)
. Protecting
the U.S. Perimeter: Border Searches Under the Fourth Amendment. Retrieved July 23, 2007 from
This report discuss the 4th Amendment and the applicability of border searches in the United States and was prepared by a Legislative Attorney for members and committees of Congress. The report outlines the statutes authorizing certain federal officers to conduct warrantless
Searches, addresses the scope of the government’s constitutional authority to search and seize persons and property at the border, and describes the varying levels of suspicion generally required for each type of border search as interpreted by the courts.