Cultural Sensitivity and Cultural Competence


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Cultural Sensitivity and Cultural Competence
The nurse’s cultural background along with other factors influence how they perceive and relate to patients. Such factors as culture, past experiences, understanding of health and illness as well as pathways to healing are all important (Jarvis, 2004). Cultural is a very complex biopsychosocial phenomenon which is the source of meaning for individuals as well as for entire communities (Warren, 2007). Although I believe I have gained cultural competence and am aware of the need for cultural sensitivity, I realize that my cultural attitudes, values and beliefs about mental illness and health may still impact on my interactions with patients. After all, I rated my identification with...
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.....sitive to the patient’s values, customs, and beliefs (Jarvis, 2004).
19. Physical and psychological illnesses are viewed much differently. A person with cancer or diabetes can be treated far differently than the person with mental illness. The acceptable behaviors such as crying in a cancer patient will not be viewed the same way as for a patient with mental illness. Physical illness is more observable.
20. Religious beliefs and practices in my culture involve eliminating the evil spirit and often by some form of exorcism. The illness has its source in the divine and rituals are used to remove it.
21. Healing rituals are used often.
Jarvis, C. (2004). Physical examination and health assessment, 4th edition. Toronto: W.B. Saunders.