Cultural Problems of Disney in Europe


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Cultural Problems of Disney in Europe
Today's Disney entertainment empire began before World War II with animated cartoons about Mickey Mouse, the creation of Walt Disney. Disney grew his motion picture business by adding characters like Snow White, Donald Duck, and Bambi that have since become classic, achieving an easily recognizable brand image. In 1955, Disney grounded this fantasy universe in a real-world location, Anaheim California, where he built the first Disneyland. The synergy between the movies and the theme park greatly increased the popularity of both. The Disney brand experienced a decline after its founder's death in 1966, due to mediocre management that clung to an uninspired copying of the formulae that they believed had...
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..... incentives: the French in particular are less likely to be lured by sheer profit into turning their backs on their own culture. Finally, the attractive and the repulsive aspects of "foreignness" need to be carefully balanced. This is probably more difficult for Disney, since its whole rationale in its theme parks is presenting an intensely Americanized experience. Sometimes, shock treatment to change accepted ways can work, as for instance with the cutlery-free spare ribs served to one potential critical audience. Sometimes, as with the wine ban, it does not.
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