Cultural Pluralism, Gender Stereotypes and Gender as a Social Construction


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Cultural Pluralism, Gender Stereotypes and Gender as a Social Construction
Based on cultural pluralism, all minority groups have certain rights and are able to maintain their identities. At the same time, there is a dominant or mainstream society which has to accept the minority groups.
(2006) discusses the example of women in how a balance is achieved between individual autonomy and freedom of choice as opposed to the values that emerge from the concept of cultural pluralism. Even though women’s rights are linked with all cultures, they cannot be identified with any specific culture. With women’s rights, we must look to the universality of human experience and the universality of human freedom (
). Gender stereotypes refer...
The end: a case where I will need to practice what I am teaching women about being assertive by asserting my own viewpoints with doctors for the sake of women who are from cultural minorities, have language problems, and are very often dominated through cultural custom by their husbands. The three concepts allow me to view a synthesis of the problem of gender relations and to understand how all three concepts operate in combination.
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